synthetic grass

The front lawn is a point of pride for many people and grooming it routinely is an activity they are more than happy to spend time and money on. However, not all of us are garden obsessed and just want to have a nice-looking lawn without all of the morning and de-weeding maintenance.

If you live in metropolitan New South Wales, you may have considered speaking with a supplier of fake grass in Sydney. They will be able to recommend a type of faux turf suited to your tastes and lifestyle preferences as well as organise and help with its installation.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of investing in fake grass in Sydney.


1.      Minimal maintenance

We only say ‘minimal’ maintenance because you might want to hose it off with some water every now and then to remove leaves and debris that naturally collects. Otherwise, there is basically no upkeep when you install fake grass in Sydney because it obviously isn’t going to grow or be able to be eaten or infected in anyway. The worst that can happen to your faux turf is the neighbour’s dog taking a bathroom break on it – and this is easily washed away.

If you are someone who grew up hating it when your parents made you mow the lawn or if you are allergic to green clippings, then you will absolutely adore having fake grass in Sydney. Unless you are very particular about having ‘the real thing’, there’s no disadvantage to using faux turf over authentic turf.


2.      Always looks great

Another primary benefit of installing fake grass in Sydney is the fact that, because it has no upkeep, it is pretty much always going to look perfect all-year-round. No matter if it’s summer or winter, you’ll have the perfect lawn for your neighbours and guests to admire and wish that they had.

This means that, no matter what time of year it is, you can entertain outdoors and not worry about needing to spruce up the lawn. Say goodbye to panicked last minute mowing before a summer barbeque, it’s already the perfect length!


3.      Safer

You might not have considered your lawn to have been a hazard to your family’s health but there are examples of situations where you, a child or a pet could be harmed. A natural lawn is going to have naturally occurring imperfections and raised areas that mean the surface is not actually flat (even though it looks that way). This means that it is easier for a child who is running around the lawn to trip than it would be if they were running around on fake grass in Sydney. This also counts for pets who are less likely to sprain their limbs or injure themselves in some other ways while running around your faux lawn.


4.      Add property value

When you install fake grass in Sydney you also get the benefit of increasing your property’s value in the event you choose to resell. Today’s homebuyers are looking for something that looks good but is convenient as part of a busy modern lifestyle, so having a great looking lawn that requires little-to-no maintenance is a big boost to the appeal of your home.

Hopefully some of the above information has given you more insight on the benefits of using fake grass in Sydney.