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Organic Certification
June, 2012 
Our supplier Pureindia, have gained USDA Organic Certification for Wild Harvested Soapnuts.

Run your own Market Stall
When we can we hold stalls at various Brisbane markets throughout South East Queensland.

Our stalls have been quite profitable, and now you can run your own stall. Please contact us to see just how easy it is, and how profitable it can be.

Pittwater Sustainable Living Expo
Sun. Oct 9th, 2011 
The Pittwater Sustainable Living Expo held at Mona Vale Memorial Hall and Village Park, was agreat success for us, even though the look of the weather kept many away. We met lots of lovely people, and then spent most of the week travelling back to Brisbane via the inland route, spreading the Wild Soapnut story wherever we went

Thanks for spreading the word :)
In Melbourne at the SLF, we noticed that most of the people we met had heard of soapnuts before, unlike the previous year. Thanks for sharing, everyone!!

NEW! Wild Soapnuts Wash Nets!
Better than cotton wash bags, our new wash nets for your washing machine are now in stock!

Wild Soapnuts now has Cruelty Free Accreditation
We are proud to announce, we have qualified for Accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free! We are listed as VEGAN and Never Tested (on animals).

Wild Soapnuts Biodegradable Packaging!
We are thrilled to announce our new HEAVY DUTY cello packaging.

Cello is the most beautiful of 'plastic' packaging, except it is not plastic, as its made from natural cellulose and totally biodegradable, which is great news for the environment. 

Occasionaly a pack may split open in transit, but luckily, soapnuts are not fragile, so this won't hurt our little soapnuts. However it can be surprising to open a post satchel, and have soapnuts jump out into your lap!

Three cheers for Mother Nature, cellulose, and sturdier "biodegradable" soapnut packaging!


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  Join the Soapnut Revolution!

The word is out and spreading like algae... Everyone can use soapnuts; domestically, commercially, rurally and in the cities. Every wash load done using soapnuts is steadily healing the damage done to our waterways. Now you can do your part (and save money at the same time).

Why is it that the 'green' options cost us twice as much?

We are asking ourselves why we have to choose between environmentally-friendly products and putting food on our tables.

We have found a 100% natural cleaner which grows wild in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in India, China and Nepal. It's on supermarket shelves in Europe and it's cheaper than our chemical alternatives.

And it works. Really, really well. 

Soapnuts are 100%:

  • Pure and natural
  • Chemical free
  • Non allergenic (not a nut, really a berry)
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal
  • Biodegradable
  • Beneficial to grey-water and septic systems
  • Wild harvested (organic)
  • Not tested on animals, vegan
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • ...and most importantly, effective
We are selling them retail and wholesale in retail stores, markets and online Australia wide, here is a listing of locations.

If you would like more information on soapnuts, read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you want to know something that isn't here, contact us and we'll get back to you asap. We are continually sourcing more information for our website, and experimenting so we can share our own recipes and ideas. Keep an eye out also for details of "Project Soapnuts", an exciting new venture aiming to make our local communities more self-sufficient.

In the meantime feel free to contact us via email and we will reply within 24hrs. Details are on our contact page.

For some interesting reading, have a look at our One Bottle page.

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